• PAST can talk to most legacy systems; Honeywell, Siemens, Andover , Trane, Carrier and defacto protocols. This means that we can have any combination of control module manufacturers ( e. g. Trane Chiller, Taco pumps, Carrier AHU, ABD drives, and Honeywell vav controllers ) on the same job and PPOF will talk to and control all these without special translator hardware devices. This allows the engineer and owner to select the best future fit protocol without having to rip out or abandon separate data islands of existing DDC systems as has been done for years when service wanes.

  • PORTABLE can be organized to combine different floors or buildings or sites helping problems at CPCC’s sites across the county quickly and efficiently through portable Web access with Internet Explorer from any internet capable computer with use and permission determined by level of password.

  • OPEN LonMark and or BacNet: controllers and data from different manufacturers can be interchanged and harvested. Owners and Engineers are not trapped into buying only high cost limited connectivity proprietary controllers. Multiple local building level control suppliers and integration suppliers allow and encourage competitive bidding.

  • FUTURE can talk to any Bacnet or Lonworks capable device or equipment allowing the engineer and owner to select the best fit protocol to monitor HVAC, Emergency Generators, Fire Alarm control panels, utilities, Lighting and other infrastructures through one data harvesting device. For example, with a small investment of a few hundred dollars the system can measure the electricity, water, chilled water, hot water, gas etc for each building, floor or area. The system can monitor utilities in watts, horsepower, kilowatts, therms and / or BTU and generate a track record or bill for areas or each tenant.

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