Management Features

Life cycle costing in lieu of first cost mentality, selling the paradigm shift. Credibility plays a key role in lieu of the additional cost and reduced return on investment of buying meters for performance measuring everything.

Data Loggers Chiller and other equipment asset performance testing with Palm Pilot style technology, empower your existing staff to detect and react to problems before critical failures occur.

Specialty HVAC requirements - Adult and Pediatric Bone Marrow Transplant, Operating Rooms, and other special filtration & air change per hour environments are sensitive to very small condition changes and require close attention and monitoring.

Flow measurement meters of the combination technology none invasive type on chilled water piping systems can prevent costly chilled water outages and improve your return on energy dollar investment .

Local, private and governmental agencies like the Federal Rebuild America & Energy Star and other tools can be deployed to identify base line energy performance data and improve energy. For example, ENERGY STAR Label for Buildings requires a professional Engineer verify the Statement of Energy Performance (stamped/embossed and signed) that each of the indoor environment criteria requirements have been met. This Professional Engineer must be licensed or have reciprocity rights to practice in the state in which the building is located.

Equipment failures can interrupt productivity and result in costly equipment rentals. A sound computerized equipment preventive maintenance program can assure maximum bang for your maintenance dollar.